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Loss Before Life

Loss Before Life

I’ve been avoiding this post for over a month now. I’m scared to cry again. I’m scared to be taken back to how deep and dark it felt for so long after we found out. I’ve experienced loss in my life, I’ve experienced hardships and heart break but nothing prepares you for learning that you’ve lost your baby. I kept thinking how sorry I was that my body couldn’t grow this little life. I grieved for the future that we planned for you baby, even in the short time we knew you were there. I carried you, no sign of your passing for 3 weeks past your last heartbeat. You were loved longer then you lived, we were still dreaming of your little face while your heart fell silent inside me. We had so much hope for who you would be and your part in our little family. You made your grandparents and great grandparents so happy. You had cousins SO excited to meet you. For that I am grateful.  I knew I was pregnant early on and I am glad that I knew so early. It gave me more time with you. I got to announce it to your daddy. You were loved from that very movement I found out but we waited to announce you to the “world’. I was reminded a few times that, a friend of a friend lost their baby early on, and it is hard to un-tell people if you lose the baby. I thought at the time; “sure, that makes sense, I will play it safe and wait till we hear the... read more

Kitsap County Resources for Moms

Resources to Look into While Pregnant: Midwives:  Joella Pettigrew, DC, LM  Innate Start Midwifery  360-895-0129 Laura Kuhs, LM, CPM West Sound Birth Services, LLC 302-722-7002 Salmonberry Birth Center 360-779-0004 20696 Bond Road NE, Poulsbo WA  98370 Kathy Luch and Maya Horrocks Peninsula Midwives 360-385-MOMS (6667) Kay Jackson CNM, ARNP Off The Grid Midwifery and Women’s Health (253) 5092960  Katrina J. Neff, LM, CPM   Passageway Midwifery   253-861-9743   Niki Coraggio, Licensed Midwife Gig Harbor Midwifery 253-632-6556 Peggy Thurston, LM, Birth Day Midwifery 360-598-4727 Carol Gautschi, LM, CPM In Practice Since 1978 360-683-4477   Childbirth Education Classes: Angie Hotz Bradley Method Childbirth classes 515-661-4738 Kristina Kruzan, Laura King Taproot Birth Partners 360-908-0194, 206-999-4370 Morgan Hughes Sacred Pregnancy The Flourishing Mother (616)915-0440 Birthing Families Weekend intensives and private classes in Kitsap 360-531-0561 Franciscan Family Education Kitsap county classes offered at Harrison Hospital in Silverdale 1-888-825-3227\familyeducation Danelle Dodge Birth-Day Prep (800) 882-5320   Birth Doulas: Angie Hotz  Angie Hotz Birth Services 515-661-4738 Kristina Kruzan Taproot Birth Partners 360-908-0194 Cammy Mills, CD(DONA) Love at First Sight Doula Services 360-710-8020 Jen Watson Peninsula Birth and Bodywork 360-531-0561 Megan Kranenburg Chrysalis Physical Therapy (360) 900-9971 Katlyn Carter K4 Birth Services (208) 431-3610 Morgan Hughes The Flourishing Mother (616)915-0440 Ellen Barnard Inspirations Doula Service (808) 489-0794 Mandy Watson The Modern Momma (360) 8135095  Laura Vilage Certified Birth Doula (PALS) 360-301-1708 read more

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Ellen Yates - About Me
My passion for women’s health and child development has lead me to becoming a Doula. I love to share information and knowledge with other women, so we can all feel empowered and in control of our health! This site is meant to be a resource and inspiration for my clients as well as anyone who needs it. I am above all a gypsy at heart, with a wondering eye for knowledge and adventure.

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