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ellen holding a baby


This Greek word has come to refer to “a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during, and just after childbirth” (Klaus, Kennell, and Klaus, The Doula Book).

Thank you for considering me as your doula. It is a privilege each time I am asked to be part of the miracle of birth, or your transition to postpartum. In my experience and research, I have found two major keys to a successful birth – education and a supportive birthing team.  I want to empower you and your partner.

My name is Ellen (Yates) Barnard, I grew up in Washington State. I was a nanny throughout high school, college and beyond.  I attended nursing school in Iowa, with an emphasis in child development and women’s health.  I realized nursing was not my passion, the pressure to save lives was better left to medical professionals. My real passion is to educate and empower women through healthy living.  While I was trying to figure out how I wanted to pursue that in a career, I decided to become a hairstylist and worked in salons for 8 years. In that time I continued to explore my options for work with women and children.  In January of 2014 I went to volunteer in Nepal and decided when I got home I would begin my certification to become a Doula.  I have completed my Birth Doula Certification course through DONA International and all the required birthing/breastfeeding classes. I am a certified DONA international Birth Doula and am working towards my Birth Educators Certification. I just recently got back from a trip to Africa where I was able to be teach and be apart of many births in a rural Zimbabwe Hospital.

Although travel has given me a ton of life/work experience it has slowed down the process for all the official certifications I am working towards. Thank you for considering me for your birth or postpartum Doula. I am here to empower your experience and hope to meet with you for a consultation!


Hear What Others Have To Say!

Ellen is a caring, loving and unique caregiver.  I am forever grateful to the friend that referred her to my family.  As a Mom of five children, two with intense, chronic medical issues, I was so comforted to know that I could completely rely on Ellen.  She was creative, hard-working & sensitive.  I’ve never met anyone that cared for my children, as in sync with my own personal style of parenting, as Ellen.

Ellen has had a wonderful impact on my family.  Ellen’s presence calmed, supported, and nurtured us as we have gone through many medical challenges.

It has been a pleasure to watch her grow into such a magnificent, giving woman.  I’m in awe of her adventurous spirit, and dedication to give to all around her.  In my opinion, anyone would be lucky to have Ellen’s time and talents, on any project or team.  I watch with pride, at all she accomplishes.  Ellen became not just an aide, but an extension of our family

Terri Latta

We met Ellen a month after our twins were born and she has been helping me hold it together ever since! (Twins are now five months old).

Having a two year old and all of our family on the mainland things can feel a bit overwhelming, but Ellen steps right in and in just a couple hours at our house she can make me feel better! She has a knack for knowing what needs to be done and getting right to it. From advice on baby care, hands on baby care, toddler care and tidying our house and scattered belongings, she allows me to keep my head above water in this crazy and wonderful time in our lives. We are so grateful to have Ellen!

Elizabeth Thiel

Ellen was our rock. She guided me during the labor with different techniques that helped my wife. She did massaging and used essential oils. Whenever I was tired, she stepped in. I couldn’t have done it without her. She was always looking out for our wellbeing. She made sure that I was able to take a quick power nap to recharge and would be fully alert during the pushing process. She made sure I ate and was comfortable. The essential oils were really good, it was not only helpful for my wife, but for me as well. Throughout the whole time we were really calm. With her there my wife and I never fought. She was able to capture precious moments including the crowning of our son.

Danny Jr. Navarza

When I met Ellen, I instantly knew that she was meant to be our doula, but I could not have imagined how profoundly she would change our lives. She was the ideal birthing companion. Her combination of expertise, essential oils and calming nature made our birth “easy.”  Our birthing journey lasted 26 hours, 19 were in the hospital. My husband and I didn’t sleep the night before so we were both up for at least 2 days. We were able to implement the homework that Ellen assigned during pregnancy (exercises, birthing positions, and mantras) which helped tremendously during this time.

21 hours into labor I was ready to give up. We’ve tried all the birthing positions, different techniques and with Pitocin in my body for a few hours the pain was getting unbearable. I was hungry, I hadn’t had a meal in 24 hours. I was tired. My strength was waning. Ellen calmly looked into my eyes and said, “Danny’s going to come out either way, even if you get an epidural, you’re going to have to do the work. Remember, you’re giving baby Danny the greatest gift by doing this natural.” Something inside of me changed and I was ready to move forward. A few hours later, we tried to push. I didn’t understand how to “push” and Ellen explained it. Four contractions later, I heard my baby cry for the first time. It was unbelievable. It felt amazing.

My midwife gave me a birthing necklace that has the ancient Hawaiian symbol for birth, which she has always given to her midwife students and never to a mother. It was a real honor. She also said having a doula was the best investment we could have made and I strongly agree with her. She was stunned at how well I pushed the baby out (in 30 minutes) and WITHOUT an epidural but that can be attributed to Ellen’s guidance.

If you want to feel empowered and proud of your birthing experience, hire Ellen. You won’t be sorry

Jenna Gallanosa


Recently moved from Kaneohe, HI

Currently in Port Orchard, WA


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